Teachers and students have been getting to know what's going on with questioning at our school. We are in the process of looking at the data from our Year 3 to Year 6 Survey entitled 'Students' Questioning: What Do You Think?' and have been encouraged and surprised at what we are finding. There will be further updates in posts to come. 

Here is a little insight into the reflective honesty of one student who took the time to share their feelings about questioning in class. It is great that we are open enough to find new and supportive ways to encourage the participation of all.

sometimes people in class don't give us a chance to ask questions and sometimes when you do ask a question and other people think it's really dumb and you shouldn't be really asking that question. They laugh or they pretend they are not laughing or they nod their head at you and you feel like you don't want to ask a question in class ever again. Also the teachers don't sense that you don't feel good about asking a question and sometimes they force us to ask that question and you really dont want to do it in front of the class because we're not that confident. Also I have seen other people telling other people from different classes that they said this dumb question. I dont feel that great asking questions in class.

an Anonomous student from Year 3 - Year 6. Term 4, 2012

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