Recycled Christmas Card
Claire and Tara persisted with some really tough questions asking, "Why is it so hard to feed the hungry?" As noted in a previous post they caught me making excuses, skirting their questions and we finally agreed that together we could make a difference.

Students in Years 3 and 4 have audited the school and conducted an environmental impact study. Now they are making a difference. Some are instituting a Monday Earth Hour while others are planting indigenous plants to increase the biodiversity of school grounds. Claire and Tara's paper recycling group have made dozens of paper bricks and recycled paper Christmas cards. They'll be sold and the money raised will be sent to South Africa for communities to buy fruit trees and planting a sustainable food source.

Tara and Claire have reminded us that we can find ways to answer our own questions and make a difference at the same time if only we are willing to listen to each other and act together.

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