We had a great discussion in our 3/4J class today about questions. It began from a saying that I shared and Vihanga said he had heard from his dad. The saying was from my lecturer at university who said, "The only poor question is the one that is never asked".

It started me thinking ... are there times when it is okay to think of a question but not ask it?


Thanks to all the students from Years 3 to 6 who have been completing the Student Questions Survey over the last week. It is almost complete and we'll publish the results on the blog here so you can help us interpret the data. Keep an eye on this space, I'm sure it will raise some questions.
Thanks for the students in 3/4J who helped Jeff with some ideas on some logos on Thursday. The hands are great and show many different students not only raising their hands to ask questions but asking themselves how to ask better questions. If anyone else has other ideas that can be added then please let Jeff know!